Practical Leadership
The citizens of Solana Beach should be represented with common sense principles and leadership decisions which are beneficial to all concerned.


Sense of Community
Promoting a strong community is paramount for Ed Siegel. Ed has run the longest standing event in Solana Beach for 30 years. Siegel also chaired and helped develop both the Public Arts Commission and the Parks and Recreation Commission.


Strong Mayor System
Ed is opposed to a rotating mayoral system. Ed does not believe “everyone should be mayor so they can tell their grandchildren they were mayor”, as Joe Kellejian stated.


Citizen’s Voice
In a republic or a democracy, a majority rules with minority rights, and the council should not make all citywide decisions without a majority vote.


Local Business
The current council is not friendly to their own constituents. They make it very difficult for businesses to thrive. Siegel will serve the community and support local businesses.


Public Safety
We need to do a better job of stopping crime in Solana Beach. This involves implementing community watch programs and better collaboration with the Sheriff’s’ Deputies.


We want to utilize any means within reason to protect our environment and be efficient with our growth. This does not mean we limit growth, just be smart about it. 


Working for Solana Beach
Entities in Solana Beach should not be given preference to jobs based on who they know and what favors will be granted in return. Ed wants to see the train station redevelopment project handled by the most qualified entity and not “friends” of city council members. Siegel is self-funding his campaign and opposed to special interests.